Death Troopers by Joe Schrieber

The Star Wars Universe is one of my favorite places to roam. The characters touch me. The action thrills me. The sheer massiveness of possibilities that go along with each story amazes me. So when I discovered a sub-genre of Star Wars, my nerd senses went all aglow.

It’s a horror book, but not senseless like most of the horror movies I loathe…if you like the undead, that is. That’s right, this tale is spun on the idea of space-zombies. When the search party of the stranded prison barge Purge goes on board a derelict Star Destroyer, a delightful story unfolds, filled to the brim with a nasty zombie infection that induces much stomach churning descriptions of disgusting symptoms.  The insanity that the inmates and crew of the Purge undergoes itself is quite horrifying, especially for 13-year-old Trig Longo, who eventually joins forces with  that dynamic duo, Han Solo and Chewbacca, the saviors of a sagging plot line. The plot also follows a young doctor, whose burden increases ten-fold as she realizes she will never be able to move on from her experiences upon the ship, and a cold, heartless Captain of Corrections, whose lack of empathy never lost its shock upon me as a reader.

But this story isn’t all blood and mucus. The plot is good if not a little slow paced,  and Schrieber captured the personalities of Lucas created characters from the movies extremely well, (though his own characters seem a little watered down in places), nor is their plight overdone or made cheesy. After reading this story, I certainly don’t want to get stuck on any prison barge,  zombie infested or not.

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