The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I was skeptical at first. Cynical, likable main character? Ha. Colosseum like games in a post apocalyptic world? Pfffffttt. Humans struggling for survival, forming grudging friendships and finding true worth in themselves? Puh-lease. 

Okay, I admit, I love all of those things in a book. In fact, its the grimness of this delightful read that make it so good. From the start, Collins hooks us with her literary fingers, crushing every futile will to go watch TV instead of turning the next page. Even the character’s names kinda grew on me after awhile. Peeta? Katniss? I was certainly willing to forgive.

After reading the book in just a few days, I found myself admitting to enjoying a plainer style of writing than I usually enjoy. Collin’s style is direct, her main character brimming with some of Mattie Ross’ grit, her depiction of people realistic and fully realized.This book is absolutely stunning, a joy to re-read. I nearly salivated when looking at the jacket of Catching Fire on Amazon. I need that second book!!!

But, readers, I have to admit–as great a piece of fiction as this is, what will the movie be like? I mean, green skin and pink hair (on men, no less!) worked fine for the Panem universe in ink, but how will that translate onto the big screen? My gut screams, “Weird! Weird!” But maybe I’m wrong…throw some Hugh Laurie antics into the mix, and maybe this up-coming film will have promise.

Whether the movie rocks my socks off as much as the book does or not, this story will always be dear to my heart. It’s definitely worth investing in.

UPDATE (April 19th, 2012)

So, no Hugh Laurie. And lots of pink and blue male make up. Despite this……this movie was SO COMPLETELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The film even won over my Dad, whose scathing reviews of archery techniques in movies can ruin any film. Despite slight differences and shortcuts taken by movie makers, this is a must watch movie.

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